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Are you Suffering from an Infected Wisdom Tooth?

06 Apr 2017

Are you passing through your teenage years right now? You can expect your wisdom teeth to pop up anytime soon if they haven’t yet. U...

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What to Do in the Event of a Dental Emergency

21 Mar 2017

It can sometimes be unclear exactly what constitutes a dental emergency. Mouth issues often cause pain and can instill fear. You may w...

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Getting to the Bottom of Bad Breath: Causes and Treatments

07 Mar 2017

Bad breath: It happens to all of us. In fact, surveys have shown that at least 50% of adults have had bad breath—also known as halit...

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Your Guide to Better Dental Health

25 Feb 2017

Your permanent teeth are called “permanent” for a reason; they’re the only set of teeth you get after they grow, which is why it...

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3 Bad Dental Habits You Should Avoid

3 Bad Dental Habits You Should Avoid

04 Feb 2017

There are plenty of positive dental habits you should integrate into your daily life to ensure that your teeth remain happy and health...

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